Andrea Bechert is a member of United Scenic Artists * IATSE Local USA829*
Produced by Center Repertory Theatre

Directed by M
ina Moritas, Scenic Design by Andrea Bechert, Lighting Design by Kurt Landisman, Costume Design by Heidi Hanson.  

Presented at the Lesher Center for Performing Arts in Walnut Creek, California.
Review excerpts:

    "Just one look at Andrea Bechert’s set speaks volumes — a partially deconstructed house with an elegant
interior and run-down exterior, as if past and present were coexisting side by side. Some of the walls are missing
so that the arch of the roof and a second-floor window hang in midair."

      "Andrea Bechert’s single set beautifully captures the look of the farm house and its surroundings...."

    "....that starts with the neglected farmhouse itself, which set designer Andrea Bechert thoughtfully renders, with
windows and gables as mere disembodied outlines, suspended in midair. Home, in the world of this play, doesn’t
guarantee physical protection; it’s an idea you must fill in with your imagination and grit."