Produced by TheatreWorks.  Directed by Robert Kelley, scenic design by Andrea Bechert,
lighting design by Pamila Gray, costume design by Allison Connor.  
Presented at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts Main Stage.
The exposed skeletal structure of the underground world that Floyd
Collins explores is a tangled jungle gym of steel and plank.  As he
delves deeper into the cave, the set rotates; a turntable within a
turntable offering an infinite number of views and possibilities into
this underground labyrinth.  When Floyd gets trapped in the cave
passageway, we are allowed to see the story unfolding both
underground and above ground in the same moment, focusing on
what we need to by rotating or revolving the set.
Andrea Bechert is a member of United Scenic Artists * IATSE Local USA829*