Andrea Bechert is a member of United Scenic Artists * IATSE Local USA829*
Produced by TheatreWorks.  Directed by Givanni Sardelli, scenic design by Andrea Bechert, lighting
design by Steven Mannhardt, costume design by Cathleen Edwards, sound design by Jeff Mockus.  
Presented at the Mountain View Center for Performing Arts in Mountain View, California.
Review Excerpts:
"Andrea Bechert’s magnificent set design is a study in scale and nuance
crowned by a sprawling Southern manse sitting center stage. It's a down-
home palace crammed with nooks and crannies. The meandering delights
of a back porch, a sturdy tree and a wonderfully
vintage mint-green kitchen ground this TheatreWorks Silicon Valley
production in a delicious sense of lived-in complexity  Everywhere you
look on this set, there are new layers to explore"

  "The humor is apparent before the show even starts, thanks to Andrea
Bechert’s trinket-besotted set. The Magraths’ home is one in which
ornamental plates hang on the wall next to a flyswatter, as if a filthy, banal
instrument of death were also a priceless family heirloom."

 "Andrea Bechert is the Scenic Designer, and the Mississippi home where
the play is set was just incredible in detail, and an unfathomable amount of
work was put into it"

   "Andrea Bechert has created a 1974 Southern home that still has
furniture and fixtures from the 1950s and '60s - so full of details and
oddities that it is a shame we as audience cannot go up afterwards to
prowl around the wide open rooms and back porch